It looks like they’re performing and someone requests a song he wrote about a girl, who he hasn’t seen in a while and misses. So Keaton looks at him, kind of asking if it’s okay they sing it and Wes nods that it is. But the music starts and emotions overwhelm him and he doesn’t start right away, he takes a second, the band gets back to the beginning and he finally gets the first verse out before Keaton takes over. The whole song he’s zoned out, his eyes are closed a majority of the time and when it’s over he just walks to the back of the stage and faces the drum set, taking a drink of water and trying to get back in the mood to perform and not think of her during every song.

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why oh why Wesley

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Remember when we didn’t know the color of Wes’ eyes?

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From The X Factor

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Drew & Wes in LA

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The birthday bae @keatonstromberg!!!! 😊

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laughing bc the guy’s shirt says millennium falcon and i’m pretty sure that’s what wes calls their tour bus lol

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"This treasure is beyond material, this treasure is the enhancement of your ability to feel the infinite, subtle energies that bring us a divine experience."


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This was completely necessary.

he looks the same

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His bottom lip is so big how cute

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